RUMOR: Disney Vacation Club Considering Paid Member Perks Program

With many Disney Vacation Club member benefits discontinued as we emerge from the pandemic, we’ve long been left to question what the future holds for this perk of direct purchases. A recent rumor, however, may hold the key to what is in store for DVC Member benefits and extras!

Disney Vacation Club is apparently considering a new paid benefits program entitled “Membership Magic Diamond Level”. Members can opt-in to this new level of membership extras for a yearly annual fee, rumored to cost around $100 per year.  

Rumored benefits include:

  • Enhanced Park Access
  • Priority Room Upgrades
  • Exclusive Ticket Offers
  • Premium Offerings on Disney Vacations
  • Expanded Access to Members Only Spaces

This rumor may answer the question as to how many member benefits will be returning. Want to visit the new “reimagined” Top of the World Lounge? You might have to be a DVC Membership Magic Diamond Level Member. Looking for a discounted Walt Disney World Annual Pass? You might be shelling out an additional $100 for that yearly benefit.  

Polynesian Lobby

Granted, we are purely speculating on some of these benefits, but it is hard to find much substance in what we’ve heard about so far. That being said, here are a few benefits we think would be a perfect addition to the program:

  • Discounted Walt Disney World and Disneyland Tickets
  • Quick Service Food Discounts
  • More Member Lounges and Later Times
  • Private Fireworks Viewing Areas
  • Certain Number of Free Lightning Lanes Per Year
  • Additional Member Events (ice cream social, meet-up, etc.)
  • Advanced Registration Opportunities for Moonlight Magic and Other Member Events.
  • Prioritized Waitlist Requests

No information is yet known as to whether this membership program will be open to direct and resale members.  

Does it leave a sour taste that many of these benefits were free but now will be paid? Sure – But it doesn’t mean it’s the worst idea in the world IF it is executed well.  

Let’s all be honest – we’ve spent $100 on far crazier things! I know that whatever is offered, you can be certain I’ll be signing up on day one. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for more information about this DVC “Membership Magic Diamond Level” program as it becomes available! What do you think about this new paid member perks program? What would you like to see offered? Will you be joining?  

Paul Krieger

Amy and I are new Orlando, Florida residents where we live with our dogs Odie the greyhound and Hermès the Spanish galgo. We are DVC owners at Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian, Disney World Annual Passholders, and love educating Disney Vacation Club members on how to both use and maximize the value of their DVC points!

47 thoughts on “RUMOR: Disney Vacation Club Considering Paid Member Perks Program

  • I love your list of benefits. I’d consider paying it if most of those were included. But I’m sure this is going to bring on lots of complaints. We need to see some real benefits, and probably some new benefits to go along with a charge.

    • If they asked me I’d be happy to give them my thoughts… but why talk to your members. 🤷🏼‍♂️

      • I’m surprised they haven’t done a survey on it — Disney seems to survey everything.

  • I am not really adverse to the idea, but do you know what, I am so tired of talking about it now. I am tired of the constant monetising, the Park Passes, the having to get up early to book Lightning Lanes, Genie Plus etc etc. They (Disney) have worn me down. I get less aggravation at work. Too much effort. I need a vacation….I love my DVC. But the Parks ? No longer bothered. I have better things to do. DVC is now my base. The rest of Disney is baseless.

    • Ian, you are right. it is literally the WDW Gauntlet to figure out how to have a Disney World vacation without stressing yourself and your family out. The whole things is a turn off. Also I thought that being a part of DVC was the exclusive club?
      Perks that should be part of DVC already;
      – Free shuttle service to and from MCO
      – Exclusive viewing areas at shows with dedicated food carts or menu to purchase without a line
      – Air conditioned lounges in all parks with alcohol and food upgrades available to purchase
      – Exclusive special guest talks several times a year on both coasts with a dinner or event merch available to purchase
      – DVC member events with exclusive merch
      – (2) free ride reservations per day, per group

      Notice that at each one of these I put in revenue stream for most perks so it justifies the expense to Disney.

      • Entitled much? Your DVC contract spells out what you were getting with your purchase. If you don’t think DVC is offering a good value to cost ratio then sell your contract.

      • Love your ideas! 🤞

      • Very well said! Our thoughts exactly. Once they took away the Magical Express we felt no need to “add on” to our dvc membership. As they take away more “perks” we know we made the right decision. I guess the monthly maintenance fee they collect from all members isn’t enough.

    • Well said, Ian

    • Feel exactly the same. There are other, easier things around. DVC has been getting enough of my money for the last 22 years. We say no more.

  • We are a resale owner, so we do not have any perk. For 100$, i don’t think i would take it for the first set of rumored benefits, but definetly for some of the second set (ticket discount, quick service discount, free LL, etc.), but i don’t think i will be 100$, i would say more like 200-300$ ! Disney won’t do it at 100$.

    • I am in the same boat and was thinking the same thing! If it happens and is available to resale members, I will do it, but I think it will be way more expensive! My gut is saying $1000!

  • Honestly, we just want annual passes again. So if it means an extra $100….DVC already knows it’s a yes.

    • Ditto!

  • That last one…

    I’m not sure if DVC could could make Wait List Priority different between Members and resale. Seems to go against the contract. DVC is “First Come First Serve” system. Same for everybody.

  • If they include tables in wonderland – I’d be happy!

    • If only TIW still existed…

      • Yes, that and the fact that the whole article is just speculation and gossip. There’s no indication that any of this is actually happening.

  • I wonder what they would do for members that have many contracts. Would this cover all contracts or specific. Some benefits wouldn’t matter, discounts on passes, but something like room upgrades could

  • I’d be pretty happy if they’d just offer the ability to buy DVC annual passes once again!

  • Rather than think of new, complicated programs, JUST BRING BACK ANNUAL PASSES!!!!!

    • I feel like a second class DVC member as it is. Hopefully if they added this paid perk list it would include all members, no matter how they bought in.

  • Didn’t we already pay tens of thousands of dollars to be members? And that $100/yr now will be $1000/yr soon enough the way things are going….

    • Totally agree! When I first started going to Disney it was great as it was even for everyone. And it doesn’t mTter how many points you have everyone should have same benefits. We pay dues and there should not be additional fees. It will get worse and worse just like going to the Parks!

  • I’m sure quite a few members may com plain about this if it should come to pass, but I’m not that averse to it. I would be more than willing to pay the 100.00 if DVC executes the program well. In fact, I may even be excited about this new level of membership! I eager wait to hear more of the specifics and particulars.

    • Think about what you’re saying! You should never volunteer to pay more money for something they offered so you’d sign up in the first place. That’s a huge green light for Disney to keep rescinding previously included perks then turning around and charging you for them a little while later.
      Then all the people who declared “oh, I wouldn’t be adverse to paying extra for……..” will be on every blog complaining about the new charges. Hey, you said you’d be OK with it and so you got it. And, guess what? Those new charges will only go up.

  • Ridiculous

  • A diamond for $100? That’ll be the day.

  • I guess if it reasonable depends on what included but that will be another thing they can raise in price every year makes me feel nickel and dimed

  • It will probably be like your cable bill…..first year introductory price, then will increase yearly from then on…

  • It all makes sense now. Cut off AP’s just long enough that people are clamoring for them. Then, offer a paid program that gives you access to them again. And you know what? I will do it. I might hate myself a little for it, but I’ll do it 😂. We need AP’s, so if this allows us to get them, plus whatever else it includes we will be on board. Maybe I’ve just become desensitized to handing over more $$ to Mickey.

    • I will do it too!

    • Just curious…., at what point would you say “No”. $200.., $500,…, ???

  • All I can say is that when I first purchased DVC (direct, BTW), I was told that all DVC members had the same perks, benefits and “treatment” and, once I was a member, I’d be part of the ‘family’. Sadly, I have learned that must have simply been a sales pitch since, over the years, I have seen that all DVC members are not equal. (my first realization occurred at the VGF: there was a complimentary, gourmet coffee station set up in the lobby.) Obviously, if DVC adds a paid benefits program, it’d cement the fact that DVC members are the same as every other guest patronizing WDW: your visit may be the best with the more $$$ you pay to experience the magic.

    • You have to remember Disney is a business.

  • Anyone else think that THIS will be the only way to get back the ability to borrow 100%? Like I could even see them reducing borrowing for people who aren’t in the program further than it is now.

  • Not only no, **** no. This “paid upgrade” madness needs to end and people need to STOP enabling Disney with their willingness to fork over even more money for things that used to be included.

    • Agreed. Hauntedpirate is right on the money. This proposed “fee for benefits services” stuff is about charging for things we should already have as DVC members, even for those who bought from the resale market, An aftermarket owner explained his take on the aftermarket situation. Disney got their full sale price once, so they are whole, and the ownership click is still running as originally planned. What Disney gets from aftermarket owners is a brand new set of interested people who will pay the annual fees on time, enjoy and spend money on tickets, meals and stuff, that may have become passe’ to original owners. Never heard this explained like this before but it makes sense. Of course aftermarket owners are subject to a reduced membership life.

      I do not agree with paying a fee that will only increase if they sense any interest at all, Then it may become a tiered system where the total benefits become something like “Diamond Premiere level” with higher fees and the rank and file members get stuck with the dregs of an old benefits program.

  • This is only one reason more and more people are becoming disgusted with Disney. Have spent tremendous amounts of money to be in DVC and they keep taking things away and now want us to pay to get them back. You continue to kill the value of my investment. Can’t believe there are so many sheep that think this is a good idea given that they have taken so much away.

  • Sorry, paid for membership and paid dues. Most of us just want to be able to have annual passes. When the birthday and post covid vacation funds and exodus fall off starts they will need us again, and we shouldn’t pay for the privilege. Most of my UK friends are put off by all the money grabbing, their “I can afford it once every five years” visit is probably now “never again”. We didn’t like FP bookings when we came in but we got used to them, this charging for everything is a whole other ball game, for DVC and for anyone thinking they pay enough for tickets and accommodation already.

    • Can’t agree more, we are from the U.K., not sure we will ever go back as I’m not paying twice for things, if I pay to get in the park I’m not paying again to ride the rides I have already paid for. The willingness of the sheep to pay just encourages Disney to charge more and more for everything. If no one paid the nonsense would stop. Way too expensive for U.K. travellers now as we don’t fly all that way at great cost to go for just two or three nights which is what many Americans do. Paying for all the extras for 2 weeks and a large family is just not realistic.No Value and No Magic anymore.

  • The “Rumored Benefits” should be the basis of direct membership (and were in my pre-COVID experience). I am OK with resale members being able to “rent” these benefits. Now if by “expanded DVC lounge access” they mean one in every park, that might get me to pay the extra pound of flesh at least once to evaluate the offering.

    If direct member benefits go the way FP+, well, no need to borrow tomorrow’s troubles.

  • This sounds like something we already should have without extra fees. I hate to get this “pay for extra services” stuff started. It never stops until the next scheme starts.

  • Enhanced park tickets?
    Ticket offers?
    Is this per contract?
    Does this mean DVC members might actually be able to use AP’s even when the reservation system says no ah ah?
    Sounds to me like Disney is about to nix any ticket discounts.
    Bob Paycheck doing more nickel and diming?

  • When I saw this article I have to say after reading through the comments, that my first reaction was different than most. My first thought was, OH, Disney has finally realized that monetizing resale members instead of acting like they don’t exist or treating them like damaged goods could be a financial windfall. I may be totally wrong, but hear me out. I think blue card holders will always have their unique benefits, obviously the value of that can be argued. This new tier, could target the ever growing number of resale owners. I read several different places that the average owner sells their contract after 7 years, that’s a huge amount of resale owners in the dvc pool even at Disney’s current rate of buy backs. If even half of the resale owners pay $100 a year for the remainder of their contracts that’s a ton of yearly revenue. Yearly company profits are very important in the world of shareholders. So maybe this whole program is actually geared toward getting more money out of resale owners. I think at the $100 price point we are looking at something that offers early access to the opportunity to spend more money. Example:the new TOWL opens. It’s available to everyone during less popular times, those with diamond plus or whatever it’s called have priority access to pay for special event nights. Maybe they throw in a discount or two on multi day tickets. I think things like moonlight magic and maybe even annual passes if they come back, remain a direct blue card perk. This program will be like the perks you get when sailing concierge, yeah maybe there is a snack or two in a lounge somewhere, but you are really paying for access to the opportunity to maybe spend more money. As a resale owner I would probably shell out $100 a year to get my family a small ticket discount and access to a lounge or two if the food and beverage, even for an additional charge, was decent. As an AKV owner that’s additional $3,500 from just me over the life of my contract, and that’s if the price doesn’t rise which we all know is a hilarious calculation.

  • With the current Disney course , this will only be for direct members to be grated the great privilege to pay more for the opportunity to use their membership.

  • I just want
    TIW back,
    Annual passes back (with Photopass included),
    more room availability at the 5 month mark,
    Magical Express,
    increased transportation capacity to the parks from/to the hotels,
    and shorter wait times for the park rides — which may mean more rides and entertainment options in each park.

    Bonus: If Disney can figure out how to add more shade and get rid of the love bugs i might come back in the month of May.

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